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Our Teaware

Inspired by Ceremony, Designed for Today

We have designed our teaware to help you get the very most from your tea leaves.

We’ve taken inspiration from the tea ceremonies of China, the world’s oldest tea culture, where the tea ritual has been refined over thousands of years to deliver not only great taste but a moment of calm appreciation. While true to the principles of these ceremonies, our designs are suited to modern life.

We focus on the little details that make your tea ceremony as simple and enjoyable as possible. We hope you enjoy using each piece as much as we do.

Gong Fu Tea 

The Chinese tea ceremony, or gong fu tea (功夫茶) originated in the Chaoshan area of Eastern Guangdong in southern China. The term literally means “making tea with skill”. At its heart, the gong fu tea ceremony focuses on making tea that is delicious and truly satisfying. Gong fu tea masters typically use lots of leaf and small brewing vessels to easily control the strength of the infusion. Each infusion is short, but the tea can be infused multiple times, developing and changing in flavour each time. Crucially, no tea is ever left stewing in a large teapot, it’s always decanted when it’s at the perfect strength. All of our teaware is based on these principles.

Engage Your Senses

Taking the time to engage your senses while making tea is a great way to enhance your enjoyment of tea. We encourage you to take a moment to really focus on the amazing aromas, tastes and textures of our teas. We particularly recommend warming your teapot, adding your leaves and smelling the aromas of the warm leaves.

A Moment of Calm Focus

We believe that in today’s constantly connected, distracted world, preserving and sharing the values of Asia’s ancient tea cultures is more important than ever. These are cultures that value harmony with nature, mastery through practice and calm focus. We believe that tea is a fantastic way to absorb yourself in a ceremony that engages the senses, focuses your mind and gives you the energy to engage with the world around you at your best.