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Ed Eisler Founder of Jing Tea



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JING is recognised by leading consumer and trade print publications and journalists for being at the top of its market for tea, teaware and its ethics.


‘Andrew Jefford joins pioneering tea importer Edward Eisler of Jing Tea, as he visited some of his suppliers in China.’


‘If you need some convincing to put down your cappuccino and pick up a brew then why not branch out and try Jing?’


‘JING has brought coveted JING Wild Wuyi Gold Tea to British consumers. We can’t wait to try it.’

The Guardian

‘For Sunday brunch, something to stimulate the liver and senses is called for: Jing Tea’s Keemun China Black tastes precise and clear, and its orchid aroma soothes a hangover.’

The Mail On Sunday

They know a thing or two about tea in China and Japan. So it is a tribute to Edward Eisler’s expertise that he has succeeded in exporting it to both countries.’

Luxurious Magazine

‘Battle of the Senses, 2010, ‘Can you train your nose? And are a sommelier, a tea expert and a perfumier’s skills transferable to other disciplines?

The Sunday Times

‘As a penniless student in Paris, Edward Eisler decided he couldn’t change his life for all the tea in China – but he could for some of its finest brews…’

Aspire Magazine

‘With single-source origins, precise blends and flavours as exquisite as coffee or wine, the appreciation of tea as a luxury beverage is re-emerging as a modern trend.’

The Caterer

‘Absolutely perfect. We refer of course to tea, a national institution that simply doesn’t feature enough at events. JING is here to change all that.’


‘Battle of the Senses, 2010, ‘Can you train your nose? And are a sommelier, a tea expert and a perfumier’s skills transferable to other disciplines? NATASHA HUGHES put them to the test.’


‘Non-alcoholic drinks don’t acore many column inches here, but the JING Tea cup has itself desk space in the office.’


‘As Britain’s love affair with tea continues, so does JING’S dedication to bring the highest quality tea drinking experience to the nation.’


Over the years, we’ve travelled with the BBC to our tea gardens to discuss the history of tea in China, and recently joined Monocle Radio 24 to discuss the value of tea in 2017.

The Value of Tea

Ed puts the kettle on with Robert Bound to talk the true value of tea in 2017.


Chinese Tea

Ed and Andrew Jefford visit the tea gardens of China with the BBC.

BBC Radio

Speciality Tea

Shelia Dixon and Ed talk on the subject of exceptional and special teas.

BBC Radio


As well as print, JING is visible across prominent digital publications, including major nationals and trade-focused editorial.


The Guardian
Financial Times
The Telegraph
Country & Town House
The Caterer


Nothing goes better with a freshly infused tea than food carefully selected to pair and complement the taste. Here are just a few examples of JING-inspired recipes to whet your appetite.


Available not just in restaurants and hotels around the world, JING is also widely enjoyed at home, as part of a daily moment of calm focus and modern tea ceremony.