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Our World of Tea


The World’s Great Tea Regions

At JING we focus our sourcing efforts on what we consider to be the best tea regions in the world. A large proportion of these are in South and East Asia, which subsumes countries and regions with hundreds if not thousands of years of history of producing the finest tea. China, as the home of tea, offers the widest variety of high quality tea anywhere in the world. Taiwan is rightly famous for producing predominantly fantastic Oolong teas and Black teas. Japan is home to unique Green teas. Sri Lanka and India are synonymous with rich black teas.

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    The True Home of Tea

    Masters in China have been producing tea longer than any other country. China invented all of the six types of tea and produces many teas from each type today.

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    Classic Black Teas

    Tea production in India began around 1830 when India was under British control. High quality tea is produced mainly in three areas of the country – Assam, Darjeeling and Nilgiri.

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    Unique Green Teas

    Tea was first introduced to Japan by monks returning from China in the 9th century. Today Japan most widely produces green tea, predominantly in the south of the country.

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    Fragrant Oolongs & Black Teas

    Tea culture in Taiwan combines a history of both Chinese and subtle Japanese influences. Taiwan’s soaring peaks are home to unique Oolongs and a few select Black teas.

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    Sri Lanka

    Rich & Distinctive Black Teas

    Sri Lanka has a fantastic climate for growing tea. Most tea production in Sri Lanka is of black tea, with distinct flavour characteristics present in teas produced in different regions.